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If you or a loved one has been charged with a federal crime, contact Attorney Christopher M. Young today!

Post Conviction Relief - Young Law Firm

Post Conviction Relief

Post conviction relief is a highly complex area of criminal law practice. A select few attorneys in the US choose to practice in the area of criminal post conviction relief, and The Young Law Firm is one of them. We consistently fight for relief for those individuals who have already been convicted and sentenced for committing federal crimes.

In the federal courts system, experience counts. Congressional legislation in the 90’s made the opportunity for defendants to get back into court after a federal conviction, and defendants that get the chance to return to court must make the most of the opportunity. Often, a common argument in post conviction action is a 2225 motion. However, these arguments are difficult to win. To increase the chances of winning these cases, defendants need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney that can make a successful argument, one that will demonstrate credibility in the motion, avoid frivolous claims, and only bring complaints to court where correction of the error would change the outcome of the client’s case. We will constantly research a case to find our clients any relief that may be beneficial to them.

If you or someone you know is seeking post conviction relief, contact The Young Law Firm today at 202.870.1191.

*In the federal district courts where The Young Law firm is not licensed, the firm is able to represent Defendants in those districts by associating with local attorneys in that area. The Young Law Firm will be responsible for the case and proceed as the lead counsel in the matter. The sponsoring attorney is not the lead attorney. In most cases, the local attorney sponsors our admission, assists in having documents filed, and appears in court if required. Our law firm makes the important decisions as to strategy, we conduct the research, we prepare the filings, and we direct in-court hearings, including conducting the examination and cross-examination of witnesses.